Caring And Competent

Robert La Rocco

Dealing with legal issues can be daunting, both personally as well as financially. You can rely on me to be -

CARING about your situation and the challenges you face,
COMPETENT in helping you overcome those challenges, and
AFFORDABLE even on a stressed budget and during trying times.

And I can help you with many of your legal needs: Tax issues, Bankruptcy, Uncontested Divorce, Expungement, Civil Lawsuits, Living Trusts, and many other legal services.

Your first consultation is FREE.
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Family Law: Divorce


Contested Divorces
In  a contested divorce, you and your spouse don't see eye-to eye. While there are many potential stumbling blocks that prevent an amicable solution, the three most common points of contention are your children, your assets, or your income.

I can help you with a contested divorce, from filing to trial. Most cases, of course, never go to trial, but you will find that, with me, you are putting your trust into someone with an excellent record. My competent yet compassionate approach will help you in issues relating to your children, and my strong accounting background means you have a fighter on your side when it comes to money and assets.

While contested divorces routinely take much longer than uncontested divorces, I will push the issue and help you move on as soon as possible.

Uncontested Divorce

Real Estate Transactions Closings

acquired title action

Real Estate Transactions Closings
I’ve had a Real Estate Broker’s license for eleven years. As you can imagine, I am very familiar with how real estate works. I can help you with anything from an acquired title action to defending and proving your right to a piece of property.

Real Life Example
I had a major case with a church in Seattle. The church had bought a piece of property some years ago. The family of the man who had sold the property came back and said “It wasn’t a legal sale, so you are going to have to pay us again.” They were asking for thousands of dollars that the church simply didn’t have at the time. In the end, the court settled on my client’s side.

Personal Injury


I know there is nothing worse than being in a situation where you feel abandoned after being injured by someone's negligence.

The first step is scheduling your consultation. You will receive an explanation of what is realistic and what isn’t, how long it will take, and what it will ultimately cost.

The Cost
Most attorneys don’t talk about how much it costs. Obviously they don’t work for free and neither do any of the other specialists or experts that will need to be hired. During your consultation, I will make sure that you understand everything about getting compensation for your wrongful injury.

How Long?

You Have Something To Protect

Recent Posts

You have something to protect, whether it is your children or your company.

We price ourselves competitively so you can be a position to be able to protect what matters to you.

I can help insure that your children are provided for and the income is divided fairly. You do not have to rely on the person who you are spliting up with to be fair and kind during this hard transition.

Personal Financial Issues
I can get the collectors to stop knocking down your door to try and get payment when you don't have anything to pay them. You do not have to live like that anymore. If you own assets that need to be protected, or if you want to find out which chapter you need to file under, I can help you evaluate your best options.

There are a few things that I can do to help you:

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